Antique Blue Cabinet

I love the lines on this little cabinet and had to have it when I fount it on craigslist. My husband picked it up for me and called to warn me it was in pretty bad condition. I have to admit that it sat in the garage for a few months because I was not quite sure where it start. All the wood laminate was cracking and pulling back and there was a BIG chunk of it missing on one side. When I finished my Mom’s dresser and had left over paint I decided it was time to get to work on it. Since it was an antique I decided not to try and make it perfect. Some abnormalities is what gives it its character. It did take a lot of wood glue and putty, but I almost had it ready to paint. The only problem is the areas I fixed where smooth and the rest of the cabinet has a very strong wood grain to it. So I took a strait pin and scratched  “wood grain” into the smooth areas.Then I painted it Shale Gray by Behr.

Before I painted it I removed the nobs (because they were actually in really good shape) and gave them a coat of dark brown stain. I love the contrast between the blue and the wood nobs. (Note the amazing texture caused by the deep wood grain.)

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