Foam Bath Tub Paint

A while back I came across a recipe for homemade bath tub paints. My boys always love having activities to do in the bath so I decided to give it a try. The recipe called for corn starch, dish soap, and food coloring, so one night before bath time I whipped up a batch. The boys had a great time playing with it. They paint the tub, their bath toys and themselves. Then one of them rubbed their eye with a hand covered in paint and it was no longer fun. The dish soap from the paint really stung his eyes. As we tried to wash them up and get them out of the bath it just got worse. I think that these paints would work well for kids that are a little older, but they were not good for my then two year old.

I decided that I could make something similar without the burn. I had some washable crayola finger paints so I added it to our tear free soap and it worked well. The colors were not as bright as the first batch, but they still got to paint themselves so there was no complaining from my boys.

The next time they asked to paint during bath time I decided to try something a little different. I added the same washable crayola finger paint to shaving cream. I just filled the containers I was using up with shaving cream and stirred in the paint till I like the color. Again the color was not as bright, but my boys loved the foamy texture.

The “paint brushes” they use in the tub are kitchen basters from Ikea. (I love going there with one of my good friends, because she always comes up with great ways to use things that is different from their intended use.)

The boys have a great time and it easily washes off them, the tub and their toys when bath time is over.

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