Angry Bird Birthday

I can’t believe it, but my oldest son turned five this weekend! He (like his father and brother) is addicted to Angry Birds so it was an obvious choice for the theme of the party. I have to say that I went a little crazy with this party because it was our first “real” birthday party. In the past we have had some of the boy’s friends and their families over for parties but this year we let the birthday boy pick five friends to be dropped off. (aaahhhhhh!)

I started by hand making the invitations. I found my idea on Pinterest and it linked back to this website.

When I made the invitation the birthday boy got very excited about making his own paper angry birds. Ok, so he was actually a little obsessed with it for a few day, but I am really glad that he loves to create. Here is a picture of him right before his party with all the decorations he made.

The first thing that we did when your guest were dropped off by their parents (a little scary) was to let them each have a turn playing angry birds on the ipad. A few of our guest had not played before and we wanted them to understand what the whole party was all about. Hopefully we did not send them home begging their parents to play angry birds all the time (like my boys do).

Then we play pin the beak on the parrot angry bird. This is one of the birthday boys favorite angry birds and it was his idea to play the game. My wonderful husband made the parrot angry bird.

Next up was an egg hunt. I explained to the boys that the angry birds were angry because the pigs stole their eggs and that we need to help get them back. I was so glad that it was warm enough for us to go outside for the egg hunt. I was also happy that I had been able to find angry bird tattoos to put in the eggs, because I knew the boy’s moms would not love to for me to send them home with lots of candy. I think the egg hunt was probably the hit of the party.

Once outside we broke out the sling shots that Josh made and my boys had painted and had a pig shoot out. I made these cute pig cans that I made based off the idea I found here.

After everyone had a turn with the sling shot the boys wanted to try throwing the angry birds. I had bought a few of the small stuffed back pack clip angry birds and cut off the plastic clip and they were the perfect ammo.

Then lunch! I spend a good chunk of time the morning of the party making bird sandwiches and kiwi pigs.

I think this is one thing I will really have to think about before I do something similar for another party. It took a little too long to make for the amount of time it took the boys to eat.

And of course the thing the boys started asking for the second the party started….CAKE!

I found the idea for these here, and the boys were every excited about them.

Now the thing that I spent the most time on leading up to the party…masks. I found these adorable masks on Pinterest, but was not able to find the original source. I had felt left over from the fort that I made my youngest for his birthday so although it took me some time I was proud that I only had to spend $1.96 on elastic to make these.

I think the boys all loved the masks and I loved that I was able to get a picture of everyone at the party and did not have to worry about getting them all to smile at the same time.

And of course everyone went home with a gift bag that held their mask, tattoos, some bubbles and angry bird gummies.

It was a wonderful birthday and we survived out first “real” birthday party.


Foam Bath Tub Paint

A while back I came across a recipe for homemade bath tub paints. My boys always love having activities to do in the bath so I decided to give it a try. The recipe called for corn starch, dish soap, and food coloring, so one night before bath time I whipped up a batch. The boys had a great time playing with it. They paint the tub, their bath toys and themselves. Then one of them rubbed their eye with a hand covered in paint and it was no longer fun. The dish soap from the paint really stung his eyes. As we tried to wash them up and get them out of the bath it just got worse. I think that these paints would work well for kids that are a little older, but they were not good for my then two year old.

I decided that I could make something similar without the burn. I had some washable crayola finger paints so I added it to our tear free soap and it worked well. The colors were not as bright as the first batch, but they still got to paint themselves so there was no complaining from my boys.

The next time they asked to paint during bath time I decided to try something a little different. I added the same washable crayola finger paint to shaving cream. I just filled the containers I was using up with shaving cream and stirred in the paint till I like the color. Again the color was not as bright, but my boys loved the foamy texture.

The “paint brushes” they use in the tub are kitchen basters from Ikea. (I love going there with one of my good friends, because she always comes up with great ways to use things that is different from their intended use.)

The boys have a great time and it easily washes off them, the tub and their toys when bath time is over.

Desk to Kitchen

I have wanted to make my boys a cute DIY kitchen ever since I saw them on pinterest. They are just so darn cute and you can completely customize it to fit your tastes and needs.

A few months ago my husband and I were trying to clean out the garage and getting ready to make a salvation army drop off. We had a small students desk that we did not need and were about to load it into the car when we realized it could make a cute little kitchen.

The idea was awesome but then we waited and waited. On December 16th we realized that we had better start working on it if we really wanted to give it to the boys for Christmas. My husband had the great idea to cut down one of our old original kitchen cabinets (yes that was what was in our kitchen when we bought the house and believe me I am so glad we were able to renovate the kitchen) to make a microwave.

Josh started by cutting off the bottom trim to give it a nice clean line on the bottom. We also wanted to make it a little shorter so our boys can reach everything.

Josh lowered the drawer on the left to be under the oven and removed the drawer on the right. Then he added the top shelf and the cut down cabinet to make the microwave. He even found a small metal rack in the garage that he was able to use at the baking rack in the oven.

Josh was able to use the other door from the kitchen cabinet as the oven door and cut a hole for the facet and sink. Up to this point we had spent $0 because Josh was able to do it all with scraps we had around the house.

I bought paint, replacement oven knobs, hardware, wainscoting, the cheapest faucet I could find, and a metal bowl for the sink.  I think the whole kitchen probably cost us about $40. I used leftover vinyl to make the “windows” for the microwave and oven and the microwave numbers.

I am so happy with how it turned out, and the boys have been loving it.

The boys love “cooking” for everyone that has come to out house since Christmas. And you never know what you will find in the oven.

Felt Fort

I can’t believe it but today is my little man’s first birthday! I have no idea where the last year has gone? But he sure enjoyed his first taste of chocolate cake!

What do you get your third son for his first birthday? We already own every toy a little boy could want or need. Then I remembered that about a year ago I had seen a really cute felt fort but sadly I could not find the site I originally saw it on. I did some searches and found a few that were for sale on Etsy, but none that were exactly like what I was looking for (and I did not want to spend $200 on it). So I decided we could do it and I sat down and sketch up what I had in mind.

Luckily for me my husband also likes to sew and is very creative so it made this project so much fun. We spent some nights sitting on the sofa watching tv and hand sewing cute little forest animals.

Want to see the outcome? I am so excited about how it turned out!

This is the side that my husband made. I love the dragon! There are slits in the rock to hold the boys swords and the fire coming out of the dragon can be removed making it safe to get into the treasure chest.

Our veggie garden has corn, carrots, beets, tomatoes, and potatoes. They can all be moved around and put into the little veggie crate.

I have to say I love the little potatoes.

I love the little forest animals and all the little hiding places they have. The apples are also removable and can be placed in the little basket.



Handmade Christmas Gift

I wanted to find a project that I could do with my boys to give a friend for Christmas and that they would be proud to hang on their wall. I found this canvas tutorial that was posted at Tatertots and Jello and thought it would be a perfect craft for my boys. Scissors and glue seem to be their favorite things to work with these days and I figured this was a boy proof project.

I found a bunch of magazines and colorful store flyers and told them to cut out small pieces they thought were pretty and put them in a large bowl.

Then I spread Mod Podge on areas of the canvas and let the boys lay out the scraps of papers.

They did most of the work and really enjoyed it. Then it was time for Mommy and Daddy to do the rest. We used a piece of vinyl to cut out the shape of the branch and bird and pressed it firmly down on the canvas. I had planned to let the boys paint it but I started painting a little too late. We were worried that they might paint a little too rough and cause paint to seep under the vinyl. After a thick coat of paint I removed the vinyl while the paint was still wet.  I really like how the finished art looked and the boys were very proud of their accomplishment.

For a more detailed tutorial check out the post at Tatertots and Jello.


Fall Scavanger Hunt

Today was the perfect fall day! It was sunny and cool with a nice crisp breeze blowing the leaves across the ground. I thought it was a wonderful time to do something fun outside. My boys love to find things so a fall scavenger hunt was such a fun activity to do that took every little prep time.

I grabbed a piece of white scrap paper and drew (since the boys are too little to read) a few items that I wanted them to find.

  • Big red leaf
  • Small yellow leaf
  • Acorn
  • Smooth and rough rocks
  • Flower
  • Pine cone
  • Blade of grass with seeds on the top
  • Red berry

Don’t judge my drawing skills. I did it really fast and have never been the artist in the family.

Then I glued my list onto a brown lunch bag and sent the boys outside to find the fall items and put them in their bag.

The boys had fun searching out the items on their list. The only problem was we could not find any pine cones and the boys were upset that they were not able to finish their lists. Next time I will make sure we have all the items I draw.



I LOVE that my boys enjoy craft projects but sometime it comes back to bite me. Yesterday was one of those days. Its was not even 7:30 am and they where both begging for a craft project. My brain was not even awake let alone in a creative mind set. Luckily Josh mentioned that he had seen some pipe cleaners in the basement(I am working on getting our crafting station organized down there so right now it looks like a small tornado went through it). I was able to find pipe cleaners, puff balls and googly. I laid them all on the table and let them have at it. On their own they decided that it would be fun to make caterpillars. It was a nice and easy thing for them to be able to make because all they had to do was twist two colors together. C decided that he wanted a puff ball head so I helped him glue it on and then add “eye balls”. O did not want to add anything extra for his head so we just glued the googly eyes right on his pipe cleaners. We then set them aside for a few hours so the glue could dry.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we took the caterpillars outside and sat under a tree and read The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle. The boys then had a great time running around the yard feeding their caterpillars.

Cheerio towers and more

I love projects that I can do with the boys with very little preparation on my part, and I really love projects that I can do using things out of my pantry. So the other day when I was over at Mess for Less and saw her post about fruit loop towers I know it was one we would be doing soon (along with lots of other great projects she has on her site).

All you need is play-doh, uncooked spaghetti noodles, fruit loops or cheerios and a little imagination.

I tried it on C when O was at preschool and he really enjoyed it. It kept him entertained for about twenty minuets (which for him is great and I had time to get the kitchen cleaned up). Its also a great project for working on hand eye coordination because the hole in the cheerios is so small and the noodle tends to be a little wobbly.

This morning C asked to do it again and with O around to play with him the imagination level was kicked up a notch. For the last thirty minuets they have been making aliens:

and spiky balls:

I so enjoy watching their imaginations at work.

Milk Art

Josh and I have been watching all of our favorite craft and DIY sites try milk art for the last few months (and why not its so easy and beautiful). Since our family was stuck home sick today, and the boys were begging for craft time, we decided it would be a great day to give it a try. We used MPMK‘s post for directions and pulled out the few items we needed from the kitchen. All you need is milk (whole milk works best), dish soap, toothpicks, and food coloring. Poor the milk into a shallow dish with a lip around the outside, we used pie pans, and then drip a few drops of food coloring into the milk (works better if you pop all the bubbles).

Then take a tooth pick and dip it into the dish soap before placing the tip of the tooth pick on top of one of the dots of food coloring. Watch closely because this is when the magic happens.

When the soap touches the milk it disturbs the surface tension of the milk causing the color to radiate away from the soap.

The boys really enjoyed it! My only complaint about the whole thing was over too quickly. We did not have whole milk so we wonder if it would have taken a little longer for the color to spread with thinker milk. The boys could have spend a lot more time doing it, but I did not want to “waste” too much milk. After they were done mixing the milk we followed MPMK’s post a put some paper towels on a cookie sheet and let them paint with the milk onto the paper towels.

Sidewalk Paint

I am always looking for easy, and cheap activities to do with my boys. If its something that I can quickly whip up on a day when the sibling fighting is at its worst, and they need a distraction, then its even better. When I found the recipe for sidewalk paint at Stampin’ & Craftin’ I was very excited.

Recipe: 1 cup water, 1 cup cornstarch, food coloring

All you have to do is combine the water and cornstarch till smooth and add the food coloring. Mix it all up in a muffin tin, grab a cup of water to clean the brushes off between colors and you are good to hit the pavement. I was worried that the boys would need showers when we were done, but all we had to do was wipe them down with a wet wipe.