Cheerio towers and more

I love projects that I can do with the boys with very little preparation on my part, and I really love projects that I can do using things out of my pantry. So the other day when I was over at Mess for Less and saw her post about fruit loop towers I know it was one we would be doing soon (along with lots of other great projects she has on her site).

All you need is play-doh, uncooked spaghetti noodles, fruit loops or cheerios and a little imagination.

I tried it on C when O was at preschool and he really enjoyed it. It kept him entertained for about twenty minuets (which for him is great and I had time to get the kitchen cleaned up). Its also a great project for working on hand eye coordination because the hole in the cheerios is so small and the noodle tends to be a little wobbly.

This morning C asked to do it again and with O around to play with him the imagination level was kicked up a notch. For the last thirty minuets they have been making aliens:

and spiky balls:

I so enjoy watching their imaginations at work.

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