Distressed Dresser

I tend to have a more modern clean lines taste, but lately I have really started liking more rustic pieces that look like they have a story (pretty much anything with a distressed look). I really wanted a new dresser for our bed room and I found one on craigslist for only $30, but of course it was UGLY! (and ignore my dirty garage).Luckily for me the exact same day I found this on craigslist I found a website called 551 East Furniture Design: from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans. Julia had just posted her Rustic Orange Dresser and I fell in love with it. I e-mailed her and she so sweetly e-mailed me back with instructions on how to do what she did. With her advice I set out to try my first piece of distressed furniture. I started by painted the dresser Marmalade Glaze Behr paint by Home Depot .

It was a little scary at first because it seemed like a very bright orange, but the distressing definitely toned it down. Then I waited a very long week to start the next process! Julia told me that if you do not wait a week the paint it will gum up when you go to distress it. After the long wait I look sandpaper and attacked the dressed. I have to admit that I was a little worried at first. Here I was destroying the paint I just put on, but as I went I started to have a lot of fun trying to decide where to distress. Then I took a dark stain and a small paintbrush and went to work filling in all the “cracks” I had made. I did not want a lot of the dark stain on the orange paint so it did take a little while trying to get all the distressed areas without getting the area around it. I love how it turned out! And I love how it looks in my bedroom. The only thing I do not love it the hardware. Its a little too shiny for the distressed look but I am hoping they dull over time….or I find a good way to distress them too.

The top right corner of the top drawer is my favorite spot on the whole dresser! With paint, sandpaper, stain and hardware I spent about $35, so with the $30 we spent on the dresser the whole thing cost $65. Not bad if I say so myself.

Now I am excited to start decorating the wall above the dresser! (And I love the metal fan that my Mom just got me for my Birthday, thanks Mom)


3 thoughts on “Distressed Dresser

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  2. Hello. This dresser is so beautiful. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking to do with my first distressed dresser project. Just wondering if you would share the process for this piece.

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