Fall Scavanger Hunt

Today was the perfect fall day! It was sunny and cool with a nice crisp breeze blowing the leaves across the ground. I thought it was a wonderful time to do something fun outside. My boys love to find things so a fall scavenger hunt was such a fun activity to do that took every little prep time.

I grabbed a piece of white scrap paper and drew (since the boys are too little to read) a few items that I wanted them to find.

  • Big red leaf
  • Small yellow leaf
  • Acorn
  • Smooth and rough rocks
  • Flower
  • Pine cone
  • Blade of grass with seeds on the top
  • Red berry

Don’t judge my drawing skills. I did it really fast and have never been the artist in the family.

Then I glued my list onto a brown lunch bag and sent the boys outside to find the fall items and put them in their bag.

The boys had fun searching out the items on their list. The only problem was we could not find any pine cones and the boys were upset that they were not able to finish their lists. Next time I will make sure we have all the items I draw.


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