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I can’t believe it but today is my little man’s first birthday! I have no idea where the last year has gone? But he sure enjoyed his first taste of chocolate cake!

What do you get your third son for his first birthday? We already own every toy a little boy could want or need. Then I remembered that about a year ago I had seen a really cute felt fort but sadly I could not find the site I originally saw it on. I did some searches and found a few that were for sale on Etsy, but none that were exactly like what I was looking for (and I did not want to spend $200 on it). So I decided we could do it and I sat down and sketch up what I had in mind.

Luckily for me my husband also likes to sew and is very creative so it made this project so much fun. We spent some nights sitting on the sofa watching tv and hand sewing cute little forest animals.

Want to see the outcome? I am so excited about how it turned out!

This is the side that my husband made. I love the dragon! There are slits in the rock to hold the boys swords and the fire coming out of the dragon can be removed making it safe to get into the treasure chest.

Our veggie garden has corn, carrots, beets, tomatoes, and potatoes. They can all be moved around and put into the little veggie crate.

I have to say I love the little potatoes.

I love the little forest animals and all the little hiding places they have. The apples are also removable and can be placed in the little basket.



10 thoughts on “Felt Fort

  1. Do you want to come to my house and make one for my boys?! The sword-slits in the rock are awesome, and I love the removable food and fire and animals. Basically I love every bit of it… maybe even as much as your little guy does! :o )

    • Yes, it fits over out dinning room table. Which happens to be a square pub height table. The one I originally saw before making mine was made to go over a cardboard table. My husband also wants to build a PVC pipe box that can support it so we can set it up in our basement.

  2. I LOVE this!!! ADORABLE! Wanting to know if you just were creative enough to come up with the patterns for the forest creatures, or did you find them somewhere? And what is the dimensions of the one you made, just to put in perspective with my own table, and ruffly how much felt material was used? I would love to make this but our budget every month is pretty tight and want to know about how much the cost was so I can budget for it! My twins will be 2 in March and would LOVE this. Thanks for posting!!!

    • Hi Jenni,
      Thanks for your sweet comments. I knew that I wanted forest creatures, but was not sure exactly what I wanted. I did some google image searches for each animal and got a few ideas, and then just made them up as I went along. I think making the creatures was my favorite part of the whole project, but they did take me a long time since I sewed them by hand without a pattern. The fort that I made is 54 inches square and 36 inches high, but I have seen these forts made for card tables and that would take a lot less felt. The most expensive part was the black because I had to buy so much of it. Joann’s Fabric does put their felt %50 from time to time so I always bought it when it was on sale so it only cost a few dollars a yard. I also bought the gray, two different browns, green and red by the yard, and then the rest of the colors I bought on the small sheets since I did not need much. How much you need really depends on the size of you table, but most of the felt by the yard is 72 inches wide so you get a lot of felt for the yard you buy. I started by drawing out what I wanted each side to look like on a piece of paper and then colored it in with colored pencils so I would know roughly what amount of each color I would need. I did end up with a bag of felt left over so I could have bought less (but taking my boys to the fabric store is not an easy task and I was hoping to have extra instead needing to go back and get more). I think I bought around $35 to $45 worth of felt and then $10 for the Velcro and thread. I am not 100% sure though because I did end up buying it in two different trips. I bough the black and gray a few months ago and then went back and go the rest when I really started working on it. I would suggest not doing the black with gray bricks, because you could save the money of having to buy the gray, and sewing that part was the worst part of the whole project. A friend of mine is making one right now and she just sewed little “rocks” around the window and door and it looks super cute. If you make one I would love to see pictures of it!
      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions,

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