Gray Antique Dresser

When I refinished my orange dresser I found that I enjoyed the makeover so much I wanted to do it again. Sadly I don’t really need any new pieces of furniture. But when I found this little beauty sitting at the flea market, at an amazing price, I could not pass it up.

(I did start sanding the top before I remembered to take a picture but you get the idea.) I really like how it looked wood, but the sides had a lot of damage that needed fixed so it needed to be painted. I used Berh paint called cathedral gray to paint the entire dresser.

Then I used a white paint pen to draw a little more attention to the details. I liked the hardware that came on this piece (and am holding on to it for another dresser) but in the end it did not fit this dresser’s new look so I added some new ones. I LOVE how this dresser turned and and spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I could put it in my house. Sadly I decided to try and sell it. I was excited when someone else wanted it and loved it as much as me, but I had a really hard time parting with it.


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