Our boy’s “triple bunk”

After finding out we were expecting a girl this summer we decided to move all three boys into one room. Our house is not large and neither are the bedrooms (but we love our house and have no plans to move anytime soon) so it was a fun challenge to figure out how to make the room best fit three boys and all their stuff. My husband and I both came up with our own plans and then sat down to talk about them. His of course was the best pick (since he actually measured stuff and knew how it would fit and my plan would have ended up covering up a window).

Here is the room before:

It worked well for two boys but the room felt fairly small with the huge captains beds and there was no way we were fitting another bed in. Now the we have our “triple bunk” the room actually feels much bigger.

My husband spend many hours planning and measuring and re-measuring before the big trip to the store for all the lumber. Then he and my Dad spent around six hours cutting all the wood down to the right size. We estimated that it took seven hundred and fifty pounds of plywood to make the beds. In hopes of getting it done quickly (so the boys had somewhere to sleep and the house was not a construction site for an extended period of time) my husband spend an entire weekend building it, twenty two hours of his time with eleven hours of help from my Dad. I am very impressed they were able to get the whole thing down in one weekend. It then too me nine hours to paint the whole thing. I am so excited with how it turned out and all the wonderful storage we now have.

All and all its three beds, nine drawers and a bookshelf. We were going to do the three drawers under the lower bed the same as the six under the other one but realized our air vent would be sealed under the bed. Three boys and one room calls for air vents that work properly so we did rolling drawers under that side so the air could still freely move to the vent. The nice thing about the rolling drawers is it allowed us to make them as deep as the bed and the extra storage is going to come in very handy.

I am still trying to decided how I want to decorate the walls, but I am so happy with how the beds turned out.

I could not find curtains and bedspreads that I wanted and that did not cost and arm and a leg so I was crazy and decided to sew them myself. I am very happy with how they turned out but my  body was not a fan of all the crawling around on the floor measuring and cutting fabric that I had to do at seven months pregnant. I used this tutorial to sew the curtains and the only thing I changed was to sew the side seams first and then the bottom seam (after I had some bunching in a set I made the the nursery following the same tutorial.)

For anyone interested in the details of the room: the walls are painted Behr’s Elephant Gray and the bed is painted Behr’s Cathedrial Gray.

5 thoughts on “Our boy’s “triple bunk”

  1. How did your husband get the beds (the top one) to stick to the wall? Did he follow a tutorial himself with your dad?

    Did you have them paint the walls first?

    It looks amazing. Good job!!

    • There is an integral frame we built for each bed that supports the mattress and that we secured into the studs in the wall. We first installed 1″x2″ supports, screwed into the studs too, that held the frame while we secured the frame to wall. The result is a very solid bed that should hold up against the abuse of three growing boys.

  2. I’m so impressed with the bunk and captain beds. Amazement, rather. We surely could use this in our home. One set for the older three boys and another for the youngest two. Your hubby has done an awesome job!

  3. This is so amazing we would love to do this for our girls. Do you still have the plans your husband created? I would love to buy a copy from you. Let me know. Thanks so much

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