String Easter Eggs

I am very excited that I have a new neighbor that loves to do crafts. We got together this week while the boys were napping and made string Easter eggs. I think they are so cute and they were simple to make, although a little time consuming (which is find when you are getting to know a new neighbor). I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) and it linked back to this site with all the instructions. But I did have a few things to add after making them:

-You must have strong lungs to be able to make these. Blowing up the water balloons had to be the hardest part of the whole thing. Maybe it was just the balloons we had (since they did not break last year when we threw them and they were full of water), but it was no easy task.

-I think next time I do it I am going to try not to add the flour to the fabric starch because they did not mix well. All the flour seemed to be either on the bottom of my bowl or clumped on my string when it dried. I have found similar projects done just using the fabric starch.

-I also want to note that it is important to carefully unwind all of the string into the bowl and not just dump it in. I started out following the instructions, but decided that it seemed unnecessary so I tried to just place one of the skein in all together. It really seemed like it would work, but it definitely got knotted very quickly. Just goes to show I should learn not try to take the easy way out.

-Also try to wipe all the excess liquid off of your string as you wrap it around the balloon. I did not do that every well and it took over 15 hours for my egg to dry and there are lots of clumps on the string that I am not fond of.

All and all it was a fun project and I think they look very festive sitting on my table. (I just wish I had the perfect size glassĀ  jar to hold them.)

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