Tall Numbered Drawer Dresser

I don’t know why but I have always loved things that are numbered. When I found this dresser I knew I had to number the drawer (its not very often you find a dresser with seven drawers). It was originally a dresser with nine drawers, but the bottom drawer was missing so we cut it off. Also someone had previously cut off the back portion of the top of the dresser so we cut that drawer off too and put on a new top.

(Please ignore my crazy messy garage.)

I decided to try something new on this dresser so I used the Vaseline technique I read about on one of my favorite furniture blogs Sweet Pickins. I painted the whole dresser Bleached Linen by Behr. Then I randomly applied the Vaseline. I think I put it on a little think and would probably be able to improve the technique a little next time. Then I painted the whole dresser in a dark blue gray color. Sadly I don’t think the name of the paint because it was an oops paint I picked up at Home Depot.

Once the paint dried I used stencils (I made on my cricut), stencil adhesive and spray paint to apply the numbers on the drawers. Then I took very light grit sand paper and rubbed it over the entire dresser. It was really fun to watch the “chips” easily appear as the sandpaper hit the Vaseline areas. I also just used the sand paper to distressed the edges a little. Then I added a coat of polycyclic to keep the paint from “chipping” more.


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