The Nursery

Our nursery is a very tiny bedroom. We bought our house and started remolding it when I was six months pregnant with our second son. We did such an extensive remodel that we moved in with my parents for eight weeks because the house was unlivable with a fifteen month old. During the remodel we called the nursery room our personal hardware store because we kept all our supplies in it (And this is a picture at its best during the reno).

About a month before I was due we decided that we better get to work on the nursery. The previous owner had multiple cats and dogs and we think she kept them in this room so the first thing to go was the carpet. Here is a picture of the empty room before we started working on it.

We decided that we wanted to make it a fun and playful room. We were not worried about it being a room that he would quickly out grow because we were planning on having more babies, and this room would always be the nursery if there was a baby in the house. Luckily for me Josh is very creative and artistic. One day at work he doodled some really cute farm animals and our nursery was born.

I took light blue paint and painted the top two thirds of the wall and when it dried I painted the bright green paint in waves on the bottom half of the wall. Josh then doodled on his farm animals in pencil. For the next few night we spent a few hours painting in the animals and the pond. It still did not look finished so Josh took a black paint pen and outlined all the animals and scenery. (He is now a huge fan of the paint pens and I think we own one in every color and they are often used.) Our favorite animal is the frog. He is just so darn cute.

And since Josh and I are both missionary kids from Kenya we thought we would add a little African flare into the room by adding the shape of Africa in one of the cows spots.

We were happily surprised when our little one was born two weeks early, but were really glad that we had finished the nursery just a few nights before. We now have our third son in the nursery and he loves the room as much as his brother did. They have both enjoyed laying in the crib and look at the animals. Its also fun when they get a little older to run around the room and point to the animal and make them make the proper farm noise.

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